Glasgow and on to Oban

Monday, June 22

Awoke to a brighter sky. We took a Rick Steve’s walking tour of the historic downtown area which is replete with buildings designed by one man and built at the the turn of the 20th century.  Very heavy and ornate in the neo-classical style. Statuary in the Greek and Roman tradition which is startling when viewed close to the more modern buildings. His influence is evident all over Glasgow.

09-IMG_2407   22-IMG_2420

13-IMG_2411           15-IMG_2413    47-IMG_2445

01-IMG_2399  06-IMG_2404

We took a free tour of the Glasgow City Chambers ie: city hall.  It was completed in 1889 about 3 times over budget. Lots of marble and hand carved woodwork.  The building has three very distinct sections.  The middle section rises to the dome on the roof and is bracketed by a side section on each side containing massive staircases.  The offices, which we could not visit are on the perimeter. The left hand section is opulent with the marble coming from Carerra, Italy. The right hand section suffered the brunt of the budget pinch.  Its walls are painted to look like marble and the columns are made of a much less expensive stone.

46-IMG_2444                                   16-IMG_2414 26-IMG_2424                                    32-IMG_2430


Maggie as Head of the Council
Maggie as Head of the Council

35-IMG_2433                                                      28-IMG_2426

The next day we hopped a train to Oban in the Highlands. The train went through some really pretty country. Only pictures from the train.57-IMG_2457

64-IMG_2468                                       52-IMG_2450


Arrived in Oban and immediately took the Whiskey distillery tour. The distillery has been in business for more than 200 years at the same location. They are not able to expand because they are now surrounded by the town. They have to store their product off site for 14 years. Our dram was clear and smooth. Oban is the fish capital of Scotland so we have had fish and chips 2 nights for dinner. There must be 15 fish and chips restaurants in this small town.


69-IMG_2473    66-IMG_2470


Ed caught a nasty cold and sore throat which was not relieved by OTC meds so we went into their medical clinic.  He got in to see a female doctor within about 6 minutes of walking in.  She told him to get the equivalent to our Percocet from the pharmacy next door.  No prescription needed and 32 tabs cost about 2 1/2 pounds ($3 1/2).  No payment at the clinic either.  What a system!


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