Short ride into Glasgow

Sunday, June 21 Father’s Day and the longest day of the year

First, an addition to yesterday’s post. There was a Ferrari parked in the section reserved for bikes when we pulled into the hotel that we stayed in. The owner apologized. He wanted to trade us straight across but the deal fell through because we were not willing to throw in our water bottle cages.


Back to the 21st.

The hotel we found last evening named Redstone in Uddington, Scotland, was a true antique having been built in 1896. The woodwork around the fireplace and the stair banisters were beautiful as were the raised decorations at the top of the walls and in the ceiling. The stained glass mural speaks to its opulence. The price was right and came with a full Scottish breakfast.

12-IMG_2382    05-IMG_2375

10-IMG_2380   11-IMG_2381


The day, like all days we have been in Scotland, began with heavy clouds and evidence of rain during the night. It was not raining when we left. Part of the bike route was a paved portion of the Scottish rails to trails which is quite new. The route was very easy. Needless to say, with all the rain and overcast sky here in Scotland, the field are lush. The temperature has been in the low 60’s by mid-afternoon with rain and  wind all the time.  The bike route has been up and down with relatively small hills except for the portions that are old railroad beds.

04-IMG_2374            02-IMG_2372

A couple of times we took cover under a bridge or friendly tree.


We got to the center of Glasgow and made our way to our hotel up some streets with 14 degree inclines.  After checking in we went to the River Clyde to tour a steel hulled merchant sailing ship built in the then famous  Glasgow ship yards in 1896. The ship remained in service until the 1950’s.

22-IMG_2393   20-IMG_2391

Right next to the ship was the Museum of Transportation with all sorts of modes of transportation featured including the oldest bike in the world, various old cars, trams, trolleys, baby carriages, railroad engines, and just about everything else that moves under power, either mechanical or human.




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