Sunday, June 14, Genoa

Unlike other cities in Italy that close down on Sunday, Genoa is active with all types of shops open. In other parts of Italy, the churches are almost always open during the week during daylight hours, in Genoa many are closed, except on Sunday. We wanted to see one church in particular and ended up seeing about 6, each different with exquisite art, sculpture, inlaid marble and frescoes. We spent the morning from about 9 until noon in the old city just following our noses from church to church.

At the risk of being sacrilegious, but in appreciation of the Catholic Churches’ efforts to reduce global warming and its carbon footprint, we have renamed this the Church of the Most Holy Toggle Switch & Electric Candles:


And here is why.

10-IMG_2140                                            11-IMG_2141

Crooked but still holy

Kidding aside, the churches in Genoa are big, beautiful and plentiful. These are some of the highlights for today:

18-IMG_2148  20-IMG_2150  22-IMG_2152

25-IMG_2155  27-IMG_2157   28-IMG_2158

29-IMG_215931-IMG_2161   32-IMG_2162

33-IMG_2163                                        38-IMG_2168

44-IMG_2174                                       46-IMG_2176


We returned to our hotel, ate lunch, sat out a bit of a rain storm and then visited the Palazzo de Reale, a sumptuous palace just down the block from our hotel. It is fair to compare this royal masterpiece with Versailles except for its size and lack of a garden. Many of the rooms have original furnishings, art and tapestries dating  to the early 17th century. The floors, walls and ceilings reveal the wealth and culture of the successful patrons who lived here.

55-IMG_2185  62-IMG_2192

55-IMG_2185                                 63-IMG_2193

65-IMG_2195                              66-IMG_2196

67-IMG_2197                            68-IMG_2198

71-IMG_2201                                                        72-IMG_2202

73-IMG_2203                            75-IMG_2205

78-IMG_2208                                     80-IMG_2210

81-IMG_2211Both original Van Vyke  83-IMG_2213

84-IMG_2214 1610 Tapestry    86-IMG_221685-IMG_2215                                                              Modern pebble mosaic

Other examples of position we saw today:15-IMG_2145  17-IMG_2147



We had some extra time so we walked to the waterfront and read about the Nautical Museum and history of shipping in Genoa which wet our appetites to come back tomorrow and tour the entire museum.

The day was topped off with a Skype with Sam and Max in New York.


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