AOL Mail (92)

Friday, June 12  Genoa,  Italy

We took a bike ride of 53 Kms. today along the coast of Italy going North West from Genoa toward, but no where near, France.   It was the route suggested by the front desk person who is helping us with the bikes.  We took the train to the outskirts of Genoa before starting to ride. The weather was heavily overcast with a few sprinkles. The sun never shone. The route was “rails to trails” with many tunnels and the lengths in between that have been converted to a paved bike trail that goes for about 40 kms. We did 25 out and back.



The Italian coast is rugged with rock outcroppings near or at the shore and is lined with pebble and rock beaches.





Stretches are private with cabanas and restaurants as well as deck and lounge chairs.  There were a few marinas with all types of boats and shops of all varieties. The landscape to the east is mountainous.


We stopped at a street market at which clothes and kitchen ware were the featured items. We refrained.

One church caught our eye.  It was very similar in style and religious decoration to the cathedral we visited yesterday in Genoa, but the light within this church was very poor, so most pictures did not turn out well. The stained glass, however and pulpit, were worth the visit as was the walkway outside the church which was a small, intricate, colored rock  mosaic.


Rock Mosaic


25-IMG_2065Some of the buildings were also worthy of note, as were the flowers.14-IMG_2052



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