May 19 Old Hippies to Roman Times

After spending the night at the artist colony of Rosh Pina in an old Hippy Den, we continued our journey north.  Before leaving town, we drove  a short distance up the mountain to the original part of Rosh Pina for a view of the Golan Heights through the fog of humid, hot air. What a grand view of the valleys.

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Then on to Banias National Park which has two segmants about 1 Km. apart. The quite pretty waterfall that was the focus of this section was reached by way of a suspended bridge.  By U.S. standards, the falls that we have seen, including this one are quite small, but still pretty and lush and surrounded by desert.

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The sceond section of the park is quite arid.  We picked up a hitch hiker looking for a ride back to his car. He was the second one we’ve given a ride to in Israel.  The first one was a 28-30 yr. old orthodox Jew in all the clasic dress and black hat hitching from the Golan to Jerusalem.  The park features a number of early Roman Ruins which are found in every corner of Israel and for that matter all over Europe. They never fail to amaze due to their size, craftsmanship and intricacy.  Some of the Roman towns had 20,000 inhabitants. Most are in ruins and would have deterierated even more than they have if it were not for a number of European archiologists who had the interest in the region in the early to mid 1800’s.

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We stopped for a winery tour on on our way to Tiberias.  The winery is owned by 6 grape producing towns in the region and produces a huge number of bottles each year, some of which are marketed in the US.  We ended the day with a drive to Tiberias, a small city on the Sea of Galilee, some 700 feet below sea level.  On the way the, the outside temperature on the car thermometer was 45 degrees Celcius which is 113 degrees Farenheit.  Like Colorado, it is a dry heat and only felt like 110!!!!


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