To the North of Israel Monday May 18

We left the fantastic hospitality of Yael and Eli but not before Eli mapped out a suggested route for us in the north and east of Israel before heading to Jerusalem.  He followed this up with a caution that there were some places it would be better to avoid because of active mine fields and various other potential hazards.

Our first stop was the ancient city of Akko, about 12 K north of Haifa.  Akko is the holiest place in the Baha’i religion and also the site of an extremely well preserved crusader fortress with massive walls and great rooms supported by huge columns.

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We also had a guided tour of the Akko Mosque with explanations fo the religious customs and practices.

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North of Akko and also on the coast just a short distance from Lebanon are the Rosh Hanikra Caves, which have been formed by the Mediterranean Sea slamming into the soft sandstone for millenia.  Although we have seen more impressive caves in other countries, the color of the water and the sunlight streaming through made these caves stand out.

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We then drove on towards the Sea of Galilee and stayed in the “Colony village” of Rosh Pina. A very hippy

commune feeling artists colony with the old town (actually very young by Israel standards) with great views of the surrounding valleys.


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One thought on “To the North of Israel Monday May 18

  1. Believe this is a “special” day for Ed. ENJOY…you are very lucky to be in such a beautiful and interesting part of the world.


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