Ferry to Asia

On our second full day in Istanbul we relaxed and took a ferry to the island of Buyukada which means “Big Island”  on the Asian side of Istanbul with our friends and Warmshowers hosts Kirby and Rebecca.  On the way we were treated to a sailboat race with the boats coming quite close to the ferry.


We rented bikes (left much to be desired) and rode as far up the island as we could and then hiked (really walked) the rest of the way.  On our way there we sidetracked to see a fire station that is still used to monitor the mostly forested island.  The 2 men who are the monitors have a flower garden that interested Rebecca.  She speaks Turkish and struck up a conversation with the men about their flowers which let to them inviting us to go up the lookout tower to the top which gave us an even better panoramic view back to Istanbul as well as to the sea and surrounding mountains.


The men invited Rebecca and Kirby back to camp at the fire station, which is usually not permitted and offered to cook them dinner, an invitation that Rebecca and Kirby intend to accept. From there we moved on to the Monastery which is a short distance away. Pictures were not allowed. We ferried back and had dinner at a Turkish restaurant.


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