Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea

Toured Masada yesterday.  We hiked the 1000 plus feet up then back down rather than take the tram. Much like hiking Mt. Garfield but not as long.

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Drove to Ein Gedi from our villa at Arad this morning. Ein Gedi is a National Park that borders the Dead Sea. Hiked to the series of waterfalls which derive from underground springs and flow through vegitation.  Also visited an ancient synagogue with mosaics that are close to 2000 years old..  Then on to the Dead Sea for a float, ” self applied mud bath” and hot mineral soak.  The desert of southern Israel is very hot already, great for our sea/spa time.

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Still getting the hang of bloging. Saved yesterday’s draft but now cannot find it to publlish, which wasthe source of our Frustration as captioned in the first blog.  We knew that riding was problematic from our conversations with friends who either live in Israel or have traveled here.


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